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WebcamWiz Review

Webcamwiz isn’t your everday adult webcam site, in fact it isn’t even a cam site at all. Why then you might ask are we reviewing it here on AdultWebcamReviews.
The reason is that Webcamwiz is responsible for creating many of the cam sites you are likely to come across even if you don’t know it. In fact, at the time of review there were 4 sites created by Webcamwiz on the first page of Google for the highly competitive keywords “adult webcams” without the quotes.

That’s 40% of the sites on the first page of Google are powered by Webcamwiz.

So just who are Webcamwiz?

Well, the company is responsible for allowing webmasters to create ‘white label sites’. A white label site   is simply a fancy term for a carbon copy of another site, usually with a custom logo and some differing text / logos / title / keywords / meta tags. The white label uses the same structure across many sites however usually they can be modified to display specific niche content.

The website is run by Pussycash. Pussycash are the driving force behind many high profile and incredibly popular webcam sites such as imlive, sexier &

With the popularity of the above sites it’s a matter of course for them to allow webmasters use of their models to promote their own white label thereby driving even more traffic to the network.

Which sites use Webcamwiz?

To be honest if you didn’t know what you were looking for it would be virtually impossible to spot a webcamwiz white label however it’s a fact that there are 100’s if not 1000’s of these sites ranking high in Google.

At the time of review, searching Google for the term live adult webcams generated the following webcamwiz sites: #5 #8 #9

Of course these results are time dependent and also depend on your location and version of Google used however they illustrate just how many sites run the webcamwiz software.

Sites Content and Design

There are no two ways about it however that webmasters try to create individual looking websites with Webcamwiz and they have a great platform to work on. All of these sites look great and work well. From browsing several different webcamwiz sites I found that the quality of the models was above average, the cam quality was excellent. Many of the cams streamed in HD with a large proportion of the models English speaking and a lot were from the USA.

Bear in mind that Webcamwiz cam sites may be available in various color schemes and feature different text, banners and landing pages.



Browsing adult webcams on webcamwiz sites is totally free. Even as a guest you can choose any cam girl and instantly start text chat whilst viewing and hearing her webcam at a decent size and resolution. There are no time restrictions either on the time you can watch a live webcam show.


 A lot of information can be gained from taking time to check out the online chat hosts profiles, displayed on the home page. This can include if the cam is streaming in high definition (HD), whether the chat host has a microphone in her room, Age, country, current rating and current status. Placing your mouse over a profile picture also brings up additional links to the models bio, photos and videos. Doing this also gives you a live preview of what is going on in the room at that time, this saves you needing to open the chat page to check out what is going on in the room.

At the time of review there were approx 1,500 online cams with about 100,000 registered chat hosts, this fits with imlive and sexier and it’s clear they are an extremely popular platform.

Prices and Registration

No matter which Webcamwiz site you end up on you will always pay the same price and encounter the same models. Prices are determined my each individual chat host, these are usually between $0.99 – $6.99 however I have seen prices lower that 99 cents on occasions.

Registering is a 3 step process, first choose a username, password and enter your email. Secondly choose to credit your account. You can add credits in denominations of 25, 50, 75 and 100 credits. You will then be directed to the payment processor CCbill or any other payment method you chose. After entering the relevant details you will be provided full access to the site.


The nice thing about doing things this way is that you can spend as much time as you like, browsing as a guest and getting a feel for the site. Once you have found a girl that you like you can then add funds. These are one off payments so you won’t incur recurring payments.


Sites created through Webcamwiz are well designed, naturally they are filled with a huge amount of chat hosts populated from their primary network. Cam quality is very good and they have some excellent features. Prices for private shows are average to other cam sites with some budget shows being very good value for money.

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At a Glance Information

Registered Chat hosts: 100,000+ Contact Each Site Individually
Average Online: 1,500+  
Free Chat? Yes Unlimited  Multiple Sites Available
Private Chat (per minute): $0.99 – $6.99
Niches Available: Multi-niche including Cam Girls, Fetish, Transsexualls, Lesbians, Groups, Gays, Straight Guys, Friends and Romance
Models Wanted Affiliate Program

3 thoughts on “Webcamwiz

  1. Affiliate says:

    Do not every invest time and energy on webcamwiz white label. They are not paying any thing back to the affiliate. Not a single money paid. Just when time comes of payment they have all kind of if and but and rules. And when time is there to do sales from our white label they do not have any rules. they take money from customer but no money for affiliate to give. They run away with hard earn money of affiliates.

  2. I wish I could say something good about webcamwiz. I recently tried setting up a domain with them to make a white label webcam site. No matter how many emails I send to their supposed “customer service” they will not respond.

    I am not technically savvy and VERY unclear about how to change a DNS server. They’re page explaining how to change DNS makes little sense to me. Because of this I cannot continue setting up the site and basically wasted my time and money purchasing a domain. All that aside, I cannot work with any company that does not respond when you need help.

    I hope webcamwiz gets it together when it comes to customer service. They may be good at webcam sites (If they are I have no idea), but they are terrible with customer inquiry. Because of this I am stuck and now have to look into another adult affiliate.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Webcamwiz is actually run through Pussycash. if you are having trouble getting hold of someone I highly recommend you contact them to resolve any issues. Try or
      I know trying to setup white labels can be a bit confusing if you haven’t done it before but once you have done one it gets easier.
      Turnaround for support is usually 24 hours. I don’t think they work weekends either.

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