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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is an exciting adult webcam site riding on the coat tails of the recent Bitcoin surge in popularity. Strip4Bit is also the only exclusive Bitcoin cam site we have reviewed to date. Review

Website Content & Navigation

Strip 4 Bit was created in 2013 so is fairly new however first impressions suggest it already has a decent number of online chat hosts.
After pointing your browser to and agreeing to the terms you will find yourself on the website homepage.

strip4bit home

The main part of the site as usual contains profile images of the chat hosts. As you scroll down the page you will find that additional models will automatically be loaded. This is a common and neat feature on many of the more popular sites.
There is some useful information contained within the profile pictures which should be noted, these include:

  • Models Username
  • Models Age
  • Spoken Languages (Indicated by a flag)
  • Status (Online or Offline, indicated by a green or red square)

strip4bit profile image

Clicking the profile picture of a chosen model will take you directly to that models live chat room if you are registered and have added Bitcoin to your account. If you are not registered you will just be taken to the models profile page and alerted that you need to add coins. Unfortunately there is no free chat on Strip 4 Bit. We will cover the live chat in more detail later, for now I would like to cover the other areas of the site as they are different to any other adult webcam site you will have used.

Across the top of each page on Strip4Bit is the main navigation bar.
Next to the funky looking logo is a drop down category selector. From here you can choose from Girls, Boys, Couples, Lesbians and Shemales.
I couldn’t work out how many girls were online as the list seemed endless, I would guess at several hundred chathosts at anyone time though.
The other categories didn’t favour as well. At the time of review there were 6 guys, 5 couples, 6 lesbians and 3 shemales online.

Strip4Bit nav

(Click to Enlarge)

Next to the drop down category filter is a favorites button, as you are browsing the site and you find a model you like, hit the favorite button and she will be stored here.

Next is the search box with some advanced filters in a drop down box. This works very well and allows you to fine tune the kind of girls you are looking for.

The next dropdown box contains links to the sites about page, information on becoming a chathost and a link informing how to buy Bitcoin.

The green button on the top right of the page takes you to the signup page. I have registered at a lot of adult webcam sites but Strip4Bit really does make it extremely simple to register.

This is how it works, click the Signin/Up Button

signin up

You will be taken to a screen that allows you to register with 1 click, to do this simply click the Green “Register in One Click” bar
If you have previously registered you can login here using your unique loginkey (this is automatically generated for you at signup and replaces the need for passwords and usernames

signin up 2

You are now a registered member. Congrats! If you want to get chatting you just need to send some bitcoin to the address provided. It’s also advisable that you make a note of your loginkey so you can use any unspent bitcoin still in your account

new account

To get started chatting you will need to add funds (bitcoin) to your account. You can do this by sending a small amount (perhaps 0.0231 BTC) which should be good for about 10 minutes. You can always add more if you are enjoying yourself.
Note that if the price in mBTC is confusing you, your Bitcoin wallet allows you to send in mBTC as well as BTC.
You will need to wait for at least 1 confirmation on the blockchain until you can begin chatting.

The price of the chat seems to change from time to time but seems to be around 2.31mBTC per minute. At the current price this works out at under $1 a minute which is very good value, particularly when you consider that the chat in 1 on 1, no other members are involved.

So What is the Webcam Chat Like at Strip4Bit?

Registering and adding credits to my account by Bitcoin was so easy I was excited to see what the live chat was like. I patiently waited for the one confirmation to complete and clicked the check button, nothing.. I started to worry however after about 20 more seconds I saw the funds in my account. I cannot stress how important it is to keep a record of your loginkey. Because the site takes no personal info off you like name, username, address, email, phone number etc etc if you lose this I don’t know how easy it would be to recover the remaining credits left in that account.

live 1

After logging in I fond myself a little disappointed because the number of online girls seemed to have dropped from what I perceived to be hundreds down to just 6 and now there were no guys, lesbians or shemales online. There were however 2 couple cams available. Perhaps it was coincidence that the number of online hosts dropped off, I don’t know but it left me feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

live 2

The cam quality in the available rooms was good, the rooms loaded quickly and I had no problems. Apparently there should have been audio but I couldn’t hear anything. As well as text type you can enable Cam2Cam so that you can both see and hear each other (providing the model has her microphone enabled). You can also zoom in on the chat for a better view.


The girls I spoke to were friendly, mainly European with a high portion from Germany. It was refreshing having a 1 on 1 conversation with them without being hassled by other members. The rooms are so quiet that you get the models undivided attention.
The girls were more than happy to get naked and would do anything that I asked.

When you want to try a model just press the quit button or navigate away from the page.


Bitcoin is still in it’s infancy but sites like Strip4Bit are paving the way and showing what is possible with this digital currency. With Strip 4 Bit you don’t need to worry about giving your personal details, getting your email spammed or having your credit card cloned. You can send a one off payment as an anonymous member and then either create another 1 click account or use your loginkey to regain your account.

The genuine number of chat hosts is, at this time difficult to verify however I can say that the ones I dealt with were real, friendly and up for giving live sex performances.

Unfortunately at Strip4Bit there is no free chat and once signed in no private chat either, this doesn’t seem to matter. The prices are very low and you are becoming involved within a new movement. Try it, like it.

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