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SecretFriends Review is brought to you by a very popular adult live show provider, specialised in webcam sites. They have created many great websites and have been nominated for XBiz awards for 4 years in a row (2007-2010). Unfortunately, we cannot call this particular creation of theirs a masterpiece of longevity and adaptation.

Don’t misunderstand – For 7 years this website has flourished, but times change, and the site has not been able to keep up.

The website and the content

You land in a very cute-looking home page, which is characterized by shades of baby pink and baby blue which gives it a very ‘petite girl’ feel to it.

A very Spartan navigation bar up top, linking to a free sign-up page, the members log-in page, and a list of all their models and bios.



Free lifetime registration sounds good, even good to be true, but that’s how it really is. Too bad that, by free registration they mean you have to give them your complete billing details. They say it’s to validate your age. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

If you decide to take a look around, you will notice that they do have quite a number of cute and sexy performers in their own chat rooms, where they offer free live shows.

Clicking on them as a guest will lead you to a pop-up window with a very tiny streaming video of the girl you have chosen, but no chance of writing anything yourself whatsoever. There is no audio.


You actually can sneak into some of the chat rooms, through some shady loose link scattered around the website, but even here, the chat interface is very primitive and small, and it doesn’t allow you to see any comments or proof that it is actually live. And I have to underline that once again, there is no audio.


On a positive note, if you do decide to hang out on the website for a while, you will have the chance to meet some very interesting and sexy performers; it takes a lot of patience and even more luck.

You will need luck mainly because even though there are over 1500 registered models, but apparently only a handful are online, most of the time. So you really need to be connected when that someone is online. And if you are lucky enough, she still isn’t on private chat.

secretfriends3a    secretfriends3b

To enjoy their live chat sessions, you have to pay the per minute price, which is of course, much lower than other webcam live show site around. The average price for a live premium chat session is around $1.50/minute, while for a premium shows rates can go anywhere around $1/minute.

Credits, their online currency, can be bought directly through the credit card you supplied them when registering for free, or use a completely different one.

By paying, you can finally adjust the video size, write yourself and have some audio.

Other features include bio pages of all the registered models, where you can at least read a little about them. Here you will also find the best feature I’ve noticed for free users: The picture galleries of each model. Not many pictures are displayed, but at least you can see who they are and how they actually look when naked, just hover over the thumbnail to view a larger version.

And by the way, some of the bios are very entertaining to read.


Personal views

I do not like the feel there is very much to this website, of course some girls are flowers in the desert… but too few of them and not to friendly.

A particularly demanding aspect of this website is the fact that they ask for your credit card details for a free registration. It doesn’t make much sense to me. Then again, if it is their policy, not much I can do about it.

A good point, is the very cheap private sessions you can have with the (few) available models. Rates are ridiculously low compared to competing websites. But as they say if you want a good service, be prepared to pay a good price.

This website is a no-no for free members and a distant choice for those on a tight budget. You’re better off looking for something else.

At a Glance Information

Registered Chat hosts: 1,500+ Contact Support
Average Online: 5+
Free Chat? No
Private Chat (per minute): $0.99 – $2.99
Niches Available: Live Cam Girls
Models Wanted Affiliate Program


2 thoughts on “

  1. brooklynn winters says:

    I worked a bit for this scamming company whom was soposed to pay me on Monday then they said tues the wed they never did and for these girls on this site to work for 8.00 a hour is ridiculous I work in porn and other cam sites this is by far the worst one out there and u have to type to your guest as they cant hear you and you can only have one red person in your room at a time….. its stupid this site is the biggest scam

  2. This was my go-to site for many years, but as time went by the number of girls and type went downhill drastically. There were always the fake-finger girls before, because that’s what the Russians do, but now there is nothing but girls that live with their clothes on, and very few of those. After reading Brooklyn’s comment above, now I know why. Such a shame, because it was at one time a great site. I have now adopted MFC.

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