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Privatefeeds Review

Update 27/08/2013 – PrivateFeeds have recently updated their website. There are some significant changes too. Gone is the black background and the preview video has doubled in size. You can also now watch a much longer preview. We will review the site again shortly to cover these changes. is a well established adult webcam site and their history stems back to 2001.

Imagine you are spending the night in Amsterdam, your friends have told you all about the forbidden pleasures of the city. That night you walk around many of the streets and see semi naked girls teasing you from behind a window or a lightly veiled curtain. You know what to expect if you walk through the door, most of these girls can make your wildest fantasies come true..

This, in essence is the idea behind PrivateFeeds, your PC is the window, the website is holding the curtain back, allowing you a sneak peek. All too soon your free show will be lost, will you walk through the door and claim your forbidden desire?

First impressions

When you first arrive at you could be forgiven for feeling a little lost, whilst the site has the look and feel of a cam site, some things just don’t seem right.

privatefeeds home

First of all, on my first visit I was prompted with a large popup banner across the bottom of the screen. This, to me was unnecessary and if anything it detracted from what I wanted to look at. I think this would be the fly posting on the brothel wall.

privatefeeds popup

My second minor irritation was the one new message within my inbox. How did I get a message so soon, I’m not even registered, clicking the email link just prompts you to register anyway.

The top part of the homepage is comprised of the video chat window. When you first arrive a random chat host will be shown here, as a guest you can send messages but don’t expect a reply. The video is small; the options for making the video 2x or 4x bigger are for registered members only. I presume that these ‘live shows’ are really live and not pre-recorded however as a guest there is really no way to tell unless you monitor if for 10-15 minutes and look for repeat actions.

Whether these ‘sneak peaks’ are live or not you will find that after a few minutes the connection is closed and you will get the following message.

private feeds restricted

Also in this section of the site are the register and login/ logout buttons, a view all online models link and a view all models link.

There are 3 other notable pages:

  1. Schedule – A fantastic idea. Displays when a specific chat host will be online. Which day(s) and between which hours. Obviously depends if the chat host sticks to that rota.
  2. Sophies Corner – This is just a fancy name for site news. Lets you know about any special, upcoming events.
  3.  Help – Pretty obvious really however worth mentioning as it is really very comprehensive and will cover most topics you could have questions about.

The bottom part is comprised of the online chat hosts, displayed as thumbnail images. At the time of review there are 54 online made up mainly of girls with 16 guys thrown in for good measure. There are about 5,500 registered chat hosts in total.

For an adult cam site 54 online is pretty poor, particularly when you consider they have been running for over 10 years.

The amount of info on each host is poor as well; all you get is a screen name and an age guide. There are no model bio pages, no photos and no videos.

From the girls that were online, more than half had HD webcams, some actually had HD+ cams however I am unsure of the difference. Perhaps one is 720p, the other 1080p?

Tell me about membership

The truth is that unlike a lot of modern cam sites like LiveJasmin or there is simply no point is staying on this site unless you are going to register and become a member. If you are going to become a member you might as well get some tokens because without them you will just feel restricted.

Registering for PrivateFeeds is fairly straightforward, simply click on one of the (many) signup buttons. Enter your personal details, username, password and email. Then click continue.

As this stage you will be asked to verify your account. The easiest way to do this is purchase tokens at the same time but you don’t need to you can verify free.

Tokens are available in:

  • 100 for $25.00
  • 200 for $50.00
  • 400 for $100.00

Account verification is free and it gives you instant access to browse the free elements of the website, once you buy tokens you get instant access to the whole site.

After you have selected to either verify free or purchase tokens you will be directed to the payment processor. After payment is charged your account will be credited with your tokens (if taken) and you will be free to browse, take private, cam to cam or voyeur.

What types of chat are available?

  • Free Chat – This is the basic chat you get as an unregistered member, worthless.
  • Member Chat – As you would expect, send and receive messages from the chat hosts, send emoticons. You will see light teasing and some nudity.
  • Private Chat– The option to take a cam girl private and ask her to do anything you like.
  • Semi Private Chat – Also known as voyeur view, watch a private chat at a reduced price but without the option to talk to the cam girl.
  • Daily Hardcore Theme Shows – These are fantastic sex shows performed by selected cam girls. The shows run for 1 hour and are free for every member.
  • Special Live Events – These run periodically and are sex shows performed by some of the hottest adult stars in the industry. These shows last for 1 hour and are charged at the reduced rate of 2 tokens per minute.

There are a couple of things to take note of when you first enter a chat room as a member. Firstly, PrivateFeeds allow cam-to-cam so if you have webcam and you want the model to see you, turn it on now. Secondly, the models on PrivateFeeds have the power to kick or boot you from a room. Some chat hosts can allow this power to go to their heads and it’s not unknown for unhappy members to be left wondering what they did wrong.

There are a few things to consider to avoid getting booted.

  • Treat the chat hosts with respect at all times and respect that many don’t speak English as a first language
  • Chat in English only, if the chat host doesn’t understand you, you are likely to get booted.


These days registering at a site that gives you a very limited preview of what’s inside with no model bio or photos to sell the membership seems like a bad idea.

However, have been successfully been selling private sex shows for well over a decade and they know and understand that once you see the quality of the girls in the members area you will find it like a drug and want to return again and again.

At a Glance Information

Registered Chat hosts: 5,500+ Contact Support
Average Online: 50+
Free Chat? Yes (Restricted) Free Sign Up
Private Chat (per minute): 10 – 25 Tokens
Niches Available: Multi-niche including HD Cams, Mature, Latina, Redheads, Blondes, Brunettes, BBW, Couples, 18-20, Big Tits, Mistress, Male
Models Wanted Affiliate Program

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