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FetishGirls.com Review

FetishGirls.com was created in 1999 and features over 600+ kinky models to guarenteed to satisfy quite a few different fetish tastes… This should be interesting.
Aside from cams perhaps the main focus of the site are the premium video clips and scheduled free live fetish shows.

The website and the content

The layout is very attractive, clean and simple to navigate and the overall design with the drop down menus make the site feel very modern. FetishGirls doesn’t look much like a regular cam site though (at least not immediately).

The home page has the quick login box and search feature in the top right for your convenience. The top navigation bar has links to: webcams

  • Video Clips – This is for members only. As a registered Fetish Girls member you can purchase videos from the  models in all sorts of niches like spanking or face sitting.Costs for watching the video clips vary from $1.98 to over $25 each and there are 1,580 clips to choose from. Categories include: BDSM, domination, ethnicity, BBW, jerkoff instruction, female domination, action, feet & legs, body parts, mind control, fetish clothing, smoking, giantess and other (lipstick, POV, taboo, balloons and hypno-robo). Video length can vary from a few minutes to 1/2 an hour. You are provided with a preview of the video to give you a taster of what’s inside however they are very short (just 4 – 10 seconds). placing your cursor over the video clips link, drop down options will appear for new clips, categories, top rated and search.
  • Live Shows – About every 4 days FetishGirls.com have a live fetish show using some of their top girls. This is mainly what the site is about and frequently the only time you will find models online is when they are doing a live fetish show.
  • Register Free – Pretty obvious really, takes you to the free registration page.
  • Support – Provides you with email addresses and contacts for support including billing and cancellations. If you just need more information there is a pretty decent FAQ in the page footer.

The right sidebar lists the top 20 fetish girls, top selling clips, top categories and new fetish girls.

The main body of the page sports an upcoming show notice to tell you when the next free live fetish show is and what it entails, webcams, featured fetish girls, video clips and recent diaries.


Clicking the webcam link in the top navigation bar will take you to the cams for all 616 models. You’ll now see a 2nd top navigation bar that includes: All Models, Narrow Your Search and Sort Results By. Each has it’s own drop down options if you place your cursor over them. Models has the options for dominant, submissive or switch. Narrow search options are: all, age, ethnicity and hair. Or you can sort results by display name, join date, most recent login, models age, bra cup size and bra bust size.


Using this page as a starting point, choose the Online Models link on the top left to see which models are available. Unfortunately, I visited this site during the morning, afternoon AND evening only to find that it always showed there were NO models online. I had to visit this site 11 times before I finally found a model online, and now it wants me to register before I can see anything.


Registering at Fetish Girls

Registration is almost too easy. Just enter your username and password, a valid e-mail address, and verification of the number in the box below.

After registering, it prompts you to add credits to your account. 1 credit is equal to $1 and are sold in blocks of 20, 40, 60 and 100. As a registered member now, I went back to the webcam section and clicked on the only girl that was online, who is apparently the one doing the FREE live show today. Clicking on her preview took me to the following page that states that it’s free to enter, but only for the first 10 seconds. Unfortunately, the cam was black and there was nothing to see even though it showed this model was online and that the FREE live show was at this time and in progress. I don’t see any difference as a free registered member, so it’s a good thing the registration was so simple.


Personal views

While I loved the appearance and layout of FetishGirls.com it doesn’t really offer anything for free (at least from what I can see) and even their FREE Live Fetish Shows aren’t free, or even accessible for that matter. With over 600 models, I’m still confused as to why they don’t ever seem to have any online! It didn’t matter what time it was, they just didn’t have any models online. Finally, on the 11th try, I find a model online, but I can’t get to her or the FREE live show they claim to offer. This site just took the frustration of revisiting them multiple times trying to find a model online and has now made me seriously annoyed about the time I’ve wasted. I’m sure I’m not the first surfer they’ve lost because of this, and I doubt I’ll be the last.

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