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ClassyCams Review is the brainchild of the company that brought us huge names in the adult live show entertainment such as {review}, {review}, and more. It’s a very competitive website – in both terms of content and design.

Having multiple years of experience in managing adult camsites, the company did a great job in designing and up keeping – the live and static content is vast, and its design is innovative and very easy to use.

The site presents itself as the “ultimate free live webcam babe site” and, as a first impression, I have nothing to object to this statement, given the company’s reputation for providing solid cam sites.

The website and the content

As we land on their homepage for for the first time we are greeted with a large banner, placed just below the handy shortcut link which redirect you to the member sign-up page, a model sign-up page, and the “Log-in with Facebook” which is becoming a very popular way to register with newer websites of all kinds.


Right below the eye-catching banner and logo images, you will find the main navigation bar which leads you to all the various sections of the website. Apart from the usual link leading to the full list of models registered, the list of those performers online, performers’ schedule, FAQ, and the login/signup functions, the site features the innovative ideas of having models have their own fan-club, as well as a section where they may sell their own private photos.

Each model’s “Fan Club” is to be considered as a separate section of, where each model interacts directly with her fans by uploading images, videos, blog posts, and even past recorded sessions.

To be able to enjoy access to these pages, a monthly subscription is required and seeing as how each model decides on the price, they vary from $10/month for the newer performers to $50 per month for the top models who constantly add content.


You may also decide to buy each set of photos or videos from the section called “Zip Store”, where each set is zipped up and sold per-se. No subscription is necessary, and each item is bought separately.

When it comes to the free live shows, the site falls behind in comparison to other similar sites – although the performers are really extraordinary babes in terms of sexiness and beauty, there are too few of them online. At times, there will be no performers logged-in at all, even if some performers are scheduled to be performing at the date and time given.

Unfortunately, many of them focus on their fan club – by updating static content. Although a lot of content can be accessed from their personal pages, a live webcam site must have at least a few models performing live.

After all, the whole concept of the site is for models to perform for free – and getting paid for only when receiving tips, or going on private/VIP shows.

Registration and Prices

You can register for free (either by logging-in using your Facebook account or by filling up the simple form that only requires a valid email address), or buying credits however you are likely to find that models simply are not online.

The good news is that you may use the credits you bought on any of the websites in their network, which includes various sites less focused on quality but on quantity.

Credits can be bought via most online payment solutions, including the newly popular bitcoins, apart from the usual online checks and credit/debit cards. One credit is equivalent to a dollar, and shows can vary anything between $1 to $10 per minute in private chat (keep in mind that this is not an exclusive one-on-one chat as others who pay the same price will be part of the show and make requests too).

Things get even more expensive, and of course, more personal, when you go into VIP chat, where the beautiful babe of your choice will literally do anything to make you (and only you) happy. On the other hand, you can take a peek into other people’s private chat by participating in the voyeur chat – allowing you to peek at already on-going shows for a fraction of the original price; only negative point is that you cannot chat to the model whilst in voyeur mode.

If you do get lucky and find a model online from the “Who’s online” section, clicking on her thumbnail will instantly load up the chat interface. From here, you have the chance of chatting to her live, while looking at her via her webcam. Usually, in free chat the models tease a lot, to attract members to take them into exclusive VIP chat, or private chat.


From the performer’s chat room you have various commands, apart from the obvious chat box where both you and the model type in. These include: Adding credits; quick links to take her into voyeur, private, and VIP chat; ending the chat session; and a tip box for voluntary donations.

Personal views

If I was looking for a website that offered hot performers, who were chosen by quality and not by quantity – would definitely be a site I’d consider. If, and only if, there were more of them. I understand being extremely picky, but having a few dependable models who log-in for a free chat (or paid, for that matter) is a must in these sites.
A cam site without live cams is like going on safari and not seeing wild animals.

The decentralized approach of this site made each girl focus on their Fan Club, building up their photo and video galleries. This to somewhat force paying members to pay the monthly subscription fee each performer charges freely.

Honestly, there are some very good sets – some in HD as well. But one visits a camsite to chat live, and not look at pre-recorded videos. There are tons of sites that focus on offering similar (if not better) videos and photos, for a much cheaper monthly subscription.

On the positive side, the chat interface loads fast, if you find the stray model that is streaming live.

Unfortunately, first impressions are not always right, and rating a site based only on its company’s fame will sometimes delude you. Luckily enough, the credits bought can be spent on any site belonging to the same network which is a huge bonus.

NOTE: This review is now archive.


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