Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions


What are Editor Rated Sites?

Ratings given by editors are the verdict of an opinion expressed at the time of reviewing a website. Editors try to provide as much information as possible to enable you to make an informed choice as to which cam site you should spend your hard earned money at.
Because the ratings are of a personal opinion they are open to discussion or disagreement however the rating will not be changed until another review is undertaken.

What are User Rated Sites?

At the bottom of every review is a comment box, by leaving a comment visitors can also rate sites as they see fit. Rating a site will make it more (or less) popular determined by the number of votes that website has had. It is not necessary to leave a comment to rate a site.

Can I submit a site for review?

We welcome submissions from our users for new websites to review. Please use this form to submit your link.

What sites will you accept for review? 

At this time we are only accepting submissions of adult webcam sites. Sites need to be proper adult cam sites that allow a user to login through your own links. If you own an affiliate site, unfortunately, we cannot review these.