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Chat Hosts - Information for Chat Hosts

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LiveJasmin is one of the most popular sites that a lot of chat hosts make money from. If you are taking your first steps (or even if you are seasoned) into adult chat then this is a good choice. The site is owned by AWE and are well established. They have a good reputation for paying their models on time along with an excellent support team.

Becoming a chat host at LiveJasmin is fairly straightforward, all you need is a computer, webcam and an internet connection and you are good to go. A couple of things that you should bear in mind first though:

  • Your internet connection – If you have a poor internet connection or you are limited to bandwidth space then live video chat may not be an option. Customers want to see streaming, high quality video. Not choppy video.
  • Your webcam – Ideally you will be using a decent quality camera, preferably one that shoots in HD. Although HD isn’t essential these days the majority of customers will look for the best quality videos. If you want to earn more money it’s worth investing in a good webcam and a decent internet connection.
  • Your age – Adult video chat is only for persons 18 years old and over. When you register with LiveJasmin you will be required to verify your age, usually via an ID card or passport. Other options are available.

When you are ready, head on over to the model registration page. You will see that their are two options. You can either go for the easy registration or advanced registration. Easy is recommended for solo performers, advanced is for studios.

Fill in the form as required making sure that you choose a sexy screen name. This is what you will be known by when you go live.

The registration process usually takes between 24 – 48 hours because your details will be manually verified and added to the system. It’s free to register and no payment will be asked for.

Once your account has been activated you can then start to stream live, it’s advisable to download the JasminCam software from your performer center as this will boost streaming  and use less system resources on your PC.

LiveJasmin models can make a good / great living working as a performer, particularly if you are prepared to put the hours in. A lot of the top cam girls can earn several thousand dollars per month. Even new performers can achieve $1000+ per month relatively easily. This is achieved by earnings of upto 80% on everything you take (tips and private).
If you ever make it to the top of the pile as an elite chat host you could see earnings as high as $40,000 per month!!

A couple of things to remember when you are performing online:

  • Private vs Free Chat – When you are in free chat you are not making any money. Use this time to persuade customers to either tip you or take you private. When they are in private keep them as long as possible. The longer the customer talks to you in private the more money you will make.
  • Country Restrictions – You can restrict countries that are unlikely to yield sales. It’s advisable to do this but be careful you don’t set your restrictions to high.

Information on payments

Payments are sent every two weeks providing that you have earned the minimum $100 threshold. If you didn’t earn $100 it will be carried over until you do. You can set the minimum payout higher if you like $500 is advisable for new performers.
Payments are split into two pay periods:

  • Period 1: 1 – 15 of a month
  • Period 2: 16 – last days of a month

You can opt to receive payment in one of 4 ways.

  • Cheque (free)
  • Payoneer (free)
  • Direct / Wire transfer
  • Epassporte

As previously mentioned, LiveJasmin is one of the easiest cam sites to become a chat host on. They get very high traffic and they look after their hosts. If you are seeking additional revenue then it’s worth taking a look at this website.

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