Top Offers Have Some Great Deals on PPL Leads

If you are lucky enough to be able to target your traffic from around the world to specific offers per country then you are probably looking for PPL (Pay Per Lead) offers.

Currently, are offering some great deals on PPL/ SOI (Single Opt In).

Flirt SOI TWN $2.0
Matchx2 SOI JPN $5.5
Flirt SOI ITA $2.8
Onenightfriend SOI USA $2.5
Findedates SOI AUT $4.5

Lustylocals SOI AUS $5.0
MilfMeNow US/CA/UK/AU/NZ $2.65
Incontriselvaggi IT €2.68/€2.00
Femmesliberees FR €2.80
Citasycalienteschicas ES €2.68/€2.00
PureHookups US/CA/UK/AU/NZ $2.64
MatchSniper US/UK/AU/NZ/CA $3.20
Liveflings AU/CA/US/NZ $3.60
Sexto-Sexe FR €2.52

ChatPikant NL $4.00/$2.80
Varmogvillig NO €9.60/€6.40
Globalaflirten SE $11.20/$7.12
Kneppevenfinder DK $6.40/$4.40

MyLocalFuck International up to $60.00
Snaplocalz AU/CA/IE/NZ/UK/US up to $70.00
JacquieEtMichel FR €60.00
Erotilink PT $25.00
JuliaDates RU $38.00


Firecams US $2.5
Firecams AU $4.0
Firecams CA $2.5
Firecams UK $3.0

Mydirtyhobby DE/AT/CH $5.6
StripChat International $4.5


Mr.Bet /NZ /DE/AT/NO/CA up to $200

[WEB+WAP] Dunder /FI/DE/NO/CA €9.0

[RevShare] WEB/MOB
Joycasino Betting /RU/UA/KZ 35%

Winorama CA/NZ/DE/CH $5.0


XCams End of Year Affiliate Contest

XCams are currently running a new affiliate contest with some really great prizes up for grabs. No see how easy it is to win a prize, keep reading!

From October 1st until December 31st every additional sign up (Dating, VOD, VideoChat Live) or additional Live minutes compare to the reference period July 1st – September 30th 2013 earn you points. The more points you earn, the bigger the prize or equivalent in cash!

It doesn’t matter if you generate additional minutes or signups, you can still win a prize.

To show you how easy this Affiliate contest is, if you generate an average of just 1 sign up per month during the Affiliate contest, you get a Kindle or the equivalent in cash. The prizes include a trip to the world cup in 2014, a holiday for two on a paradise island and a Mini Paceman!


  • 1 Signup / 250 Minutes per month = 750 Points AND WIN Kindle Whitepaper or 120EUR in Cash
  • 5 Signups / 1,250 Minutes per month = 3,750 Points AND WIN iPhone 5C or 600EUR in Cash
  • 8 Signups / 1,875 Minutes per month = 5,625 Points AND WIN Sony Notebook S Series or 900EUR in Cash
  • 10 Signups / 2,500 Minutes per month = 7,500 Points AND WIN Mac Book Pro 13″ or 1,200EUR in Cash
  • 25 Signups / 6,250 Minutes per month = 18,750 Points AND WIN Bose Home Cinema Lifestyle 235 or 3,000EUR in Cash
  • 50 Signups / 12,500 Minutes per month = 37,500 Points AND WIN A trip to Brazil along with a ticket to the World Cup 2014 or 6,000EUR in Cash
  • 75 Signups / 18,750 Minutes per month = 56,250 Points AND WIN A luxury trip for 2 people to an exotic paradise island or 9,000EUR in Cash
  • 100 Signups / 25,000 Minutes per month = 75,000 Points AND WIN a Yamaha Scooter TMAX or 12,000EUR in Cash
  • 200 Signups / 50,000 Minutes per month = 150,000 Points AND WIN a Mini Paceman or 24,000EUR in Cash


So, as you can see Xcams are really pulling out the stops with this competition. If you are not promoting them yet, click here to join.


Chaturbate Ranking in Google [review] has reached rank one for some of Google’s most competitive terms. The most traffic-worthy term its ranking for is “Sex Chat”. The term has a whopping 60500 unique United States searches according to SEMRush.

This success definitely secures Chaturbate’s success as a free cam site. Its free chat room model, monetized with a tipping system, is definitely going to show to be prosperous with boatloads of search engine traffic flowing in.

This is also a great accomplishment for its affiliate’s whitelabels. Since this success is probably due to affiliates building backlinks for them through their whitelabel, having an extremely active main site will definitely keep them happy.

Other terms Chaturbate is ranking well for are “Adult Chat”, “Adult Cams”, and “Sex Cams”. These are all very juicy keywords to rank highly for, and they’re ranking number one or two for all of them. Each of these keywords are extremely competitive, but with a combined number of 107,700 unique United States searches (SEMRush), all their efforts seem to be worth it.

This isn’t even including some of the easier, yet juicy terms such as “Free Sex Chat” which has a volume of 40,500 unique United States searches per month that they rank number one for. More smaller, but “worth it” terms that they rank number one or two for are “Live Sex Chat”, “Live Cams”, and “Free Cams”. These keywords have a combined search volume of 109100 unique United States search per month on Google.

All these calculations I have referred to do not even include the long-tail keywords that tens of thousands of Google users search for every month. They’re definitely ranking extremely highly for longer keywords as well. I haven’t even included calculations for other search engines either. With Bing growing into a worthy competitor for Google, they are probably ranking highly, and getting a lot of traffic from their results as well.

Having such an active site does wonders for their social branding. Thousands of people are sharing Chaturbate on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This kind of extreme social branding will keep people returning to their site, and continue to establish them as one of the worlds largest free cam sites.

As I’m wrapping up, one thing I noticed is that they are not listed in the DMOZ directory. This may be an essential next step to securing their high Google rankings, and bumping themselves from number two to number one for the keywords they haven’t completely dominated.

If you are not promoting Chaturbate yet, you can signup here.

Clickcash Release New WordPress Plugin for iFriends

ClickCash has rolled out their own WordPress Plugin! This plugin allows you to display currently live iFriends models in your WordPress pages and posts. You can send the user straight to the sign–up page or directly into the model’s live session via your ClickCash account code.

This plugin works with easy shortcodes, and is completely customizable to allow you to spotlight models by specific niche. With one plugin, you can set up multiple pages on your site offering models who fit different niches, all to maximize your traffic conversions!

The plugin comes with the CSS that drives the look and feel of the grid, allowing you to customize it to match the color scheme of your site. You can decide whether to include offline hosts or just feature live models, and even track campaigns via unique ART parameters!

Download And Install This Plugin
To use this plugin, please download the latest version of the plugin here:

When the plugin has finished downloading:

Configuring the Plugin
Once you’ve installed the plugin, you will need to configure it to receive proper credit to your ClickCash account for clicks and sign-ups generated through your links. To do this:

The ClickCash Adult Webcam Settings Area runs the display of live cams on your site. It allows you to enter your affiliate id, select the payout program to use for your clicks, indicate the destination page for clicks (either the model’s live session or the iFriends sign-up page), and add any art tracking you want to use to track your campaign. You can also decide whether to display just live hosts, or include replays and offline hosts, set how many models to display on a page, and determine whether or not to display the paging at the bottom of the results. Be sure to save your changes so they take effect.

Using the Plugin
After the plugin is installed correctly, you can use shortcodes on pages and postings to specify which types of cams to feature. This is useful if you want to have a different niche displayed. We’ve provided the most commonly used shortcodes below. As you can see from the table below, you can apply multiple parameters to achieve a higher level of customization.

Customized Shortcodes By Niche
Niche Shortcode
All Cams [clickcashwebcams]
Big Tit Cams [clickcashwebcams filter=”&pf_vchpdbust=large&pf_vchpdsex=female”]
Teen (18+) Cams [clickcashwebcams filter=”&pf_vchpdage=18-19&pf_vchpdsex=female”]
MILF Cams [clickcashwebcams filter=”&pf_vchpdage=31-40&pf_vchpdsex=female”]
Fetish Cams [clickcashwebcams filter=”&pf_vchliveroomnumber=12″]
Blonde Female Cams [clickcashwebcams filter=”&pf_vchpdhaircolor=blonde&pf_vchpdsex=female”]
Transgender Cams [clickcashwebcams filter=”&pf_vchliveroomnumber=11″]
Gay Cams [clickcashwebcams filter=”&pf_ismaleroom=Y”]


Clickcash – August Bonuses

Never ones to rest on their laurels for long. Clickcash {review} have once again brought webmasters a great bonus promotion.

Simply put they will payout an additional $10 on every Friday of the month. So if you normally earn $40 and you get a signup on a Friday that will be raised to $50.
This is based on all signups that you send through your PPS and IF links.

August is a 5 week month so there are 5 opportunities to make additional money.

If you didn’t yet choose Clickcash as a sponsor, click here to register. It could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Xcams offers New 5 Euro PPL & New PPS Program

XCams partners have recently introduced a brand new PPS and PPL (Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead) structure with no strings attached!

So, what’s changed? Well from today current and future affiliates will be able to promote the XCams sites direct or through their own white label without having to worry about the customer minimum spend like previously.

In addition to this, their are 2 new PPS programs available;
1. A standard 30 Euro sale form every client that purchases a pack (all countries)
2. Earn 80% of any purchased pack from a new client from France, Netherlands or Belgium or 50% for other countries.

In Xcams words “There is no easier way to promote or your own white label”

CrakRevenue Review is a very new adult affiliate program, currently still in the final beta stages of development. The company and staff behind the site are extremely experienced affiliates themselves and have created CrakRevenue to work as an advanced CPA platform offering and creating custom landing pages and advertisements.

The easiest way to explain CrakRevenue is to show you the promotional video which should give you a better idea.

The company use the tagline “follow the whale” you will find it crops up on a regular basis during tutorials and promo videos.

Getting around the Site

Pointing your browser at will open up the site homepage which should look something like the image below.

crakrevenue home

The page just explains further why you should work alongside CrakRevenue. Informs that they won the GFY affiliate program of the year (2013) award. The footer of the page links to the sites social networks and a very informative and useful blog.

Click the ‘Apply Now’ button to register an account. This really couldn’t be any easier, 5 minutes and you will be up and running.  Simply enter an email address and password, choose a username and complete the CAPTCHA. You will be sent a verification link and that’s it. Your account is immediately active and within 48 hours you should receive confirmation from an affiliate manager.

Inside the Affiliate Area

Once you are registered and logged into your account. You will see that your main dashboard contains your current stats including hits and commissions, referring countries, daily stats and an income summary.

Immediately above the dashboard is an information ticker that displays relevant information, these include interesting articles from the blog or news about contests, etc.

crakrevenue members

The top navigation bar links to;

  • Statistics – Detailed site statistics which we shall cover in more detail later
  • Weboffers – A huge array of sites in the cams, dating and pharm sectors. We shall look at these offers and sites in more detail later.
  • Mobile Offers – Similar to the web offers but aimed at mobile users. We will cover this in more detail later as well.
  • Geomatic – Allows you to generate iframes in a variety of sizes, popunders or Instant Messenger ads. The banners created will display offers from sites like Free Cams Exposed, DaFuckBook, CumLouder and 2Flirt
  • Make more $$$ – Offers 5% for any earnings that an affiliate that you recruit earns under you.

Web Offers in Detail

As previously mentioned CrakRevenue offer an almost bewildering selection of sites and offers available. I will try to cover them as best I can here.

There are numerous sites available for promotion, depending on the site chosen will depend on the offer (PPL, PPS or Revshare).

For cam sites, available sites include;

  • Exposed Webcams – basically an infomercial that promotes Live Free Fun which is CrakRevenues own Streamate white label site. Offers $0.50 – $2.50PPL (pay per lead) depending on the referring country. There is also a French version and a gay version available.
  • My Free Cams – One of the most popular free adult camsites which we recently reviewed here. Offers $2.50PPL from selected countries.
  • 4Flirt – A Dutch dating site. Offers 25% revshare
  • Easy Dating Exposed – Another infomercial type site that guides visitors through the signup process for Free Lifetime hookup. Offers $50PPS (Pay per Sale)
  • RusCams – If you have a lot of traffic from Russia, Moldavia or Kazakhstan and you are struggling to convert it, give Ruscams a go. Offers 20% revshare on these signups.
  • Webcams Hispanas – If you have a lot of Spanish traffic. This cam site is an ideal solution to send the traffic to. Offers 25% revshare
  • Cumlouder – Ideal for Spanish traffic, a hardcore porn site. Offers $30PPS
  • DaFuckBook – For German swingers and exhibitionists. Offers $65PPS
  • Camfranco – French cam site offering 25% revshare

web offers

In addition to these mentioned there are a bunch more dating sites covering various languages as well as XXX VOD (video on demand) type sites and a pharmacy site should you wish to promote male penis pills.

Once you have chosen the site that you would like to promote, clicking ‘Ad Tools’ opens another page from which you can choose you type of banner etc. Options generally include banners in a wide variety of sizes including custom, Popunders, Floating Ads or direct Links. The majority of the ads tended to be flash banners for easy insertion on your site.

Mobile Offers in detail

As above CrakRevenue have a heap of sites that you can promote if you get mobile traffic. These include;

  • Exposed Webcams Mobile – Offers $0.50 – $2.50PPL depending on your traffic source.
  • Free Cams Exposed Mobile – Offers $2.50PPL for high quality countries. There is also a 15% revshare option as well
  • 4Flirt Dating Mobile – Ideal for Dutch traffic. Offers 25% revshare

There are additional programs available including a VOD solution and a hardcore porn site.


Everyone loves stats, none more so than affiliate. It can actually get quite addictive logging in to see how much you have earnt today. For this reason it is very important that affiliate programs have accurate, easy to use but powerful stats recording.


It’s easy to filter stats between either a range of dates or a select period, ie; today, yesterday, this month, last month etc. You can also use the drop down boxes at the side to filter by site or category etc.

Whilst the stats show most of what you want to see as in the number of uniques sent to a particular site or the amount of conversions you have made. I was a little disappointed to find I couldn’t see which of my URL’s were sending the clicks. Still this is a minor grumble in a very competent stats package.


As an affiliate, it can take a little bit of getting your head around the whole idea of however once you do you should realise that promoting sites that are not saturated and using promo tools that are genuinely fresh and unique can only be a good thing.

With a vast array of sites available to make money from and offers such as PPL, PPS and Revshare it’s almost too good to be true.

As mentioned at the start of the review, the program in still in beta but they are still accepting affiliates. Looks like a great way to make money.. follow the whale!

bongacash logo Review is the affiliate program for [review], a site that managed a very respectable 4.5/5.0 when we reviewed it recently.

When you first open Bongacash in your browser you should find yourself looking at something like in the image below, whilst it all looks very functional and inoffensive it’s perhaps a little corporate looking for my linking.


Anyway, the page displays their current payouts. These include:

  • Pay Per Email (PPES) – Receive upto $1.50 for every confirmed free signup. Members are not required to provide their credit card. The $1.50 is only for premium countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand. Countries like France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden receive $1.25.
  • If you send traffic from countries like Spain, Greece or Portugal you will only get $1.00 then $0.25 for the next tier down which includes Cyprus, Poland and Singapore. Rest of the world pays $0.05 (full list below).
  • Revshare – Earn 25% of everything your referring members spend. Bare in mind if you get a sign up and that member doesn’t pay, you don’t get paid. This payout is a little lower than the industry standard.
  • Referrals – If you can get webmasters to sign up under you, you can make 5% off everything that webmaster makes for life.


On this page are also top affiliate earnings. It seems the top referring ID is by a webmaster known as FlowerPower and he is currently earning $1,500+ p.w / $15,000+ p.m (very nice).

Signing up as an affiliate at BongaCash

Signing up at BongaCash is easy enough. Just choose a username and password then enter your email address, your home or business address and the URL with which you intend to send traffic from and click ‘Create Account’. You will need to wait for your account to be approved before you can full start promoting.

Once your account has been approved you can go ahead and login. You will find yourself on the default general stats page. This provides you with a snapshot of your earnings over the last 24 hours however as you proberbly haev’t started promoting yet it’s irrelevant.

bongacash logged in

At the top of the page are your current earnings in this pay period, below that are tabs linking to;

  • User Account – This simply displays the information you provided when you signed up, you can edit the information from here.
  • News – This simply offers news and information relating to the BongaCash affiliate program.
  • Promo Tools – provides you with a lot of tools for promoting BongaCams, we shall cover this section in more details later.
  • Terms – A rather detailed Terms of Business, it’s advisable you read and understand the terms before sending traffic.
  • Contacts – Contacts by ICQ, Skype or email or web form.
  • FAQ – A fairly basic FAQ.

Beneath these primary tabs are links to secondary areas of the website these include;

  • Statistics – We will discuss these later in the review.
  • Campaigns – You should automatically have two campaigns created for you(default referral and default revshare). You also have the option to add a tracker to effectively track your campaigns.
  • Promo tools – Same as in the tab above, we shall cover this later.
  • White Labels – At Bongacash you have the option of creating your own white label website, we will cover this in more detail later.
  • Payments – This page displays information about money paid or monies owing to you.
  • Payment info – This displays information relating to your selected method of payment along with your minimum payout amounts.
  • Profile – This is just the same as user account (above).

So Bongacash offer White Labels, Any Good?

Well I haven’t created a BongaCash white label but it certainly looks promising. You can edit pretty much every aspect of the colour, font size and button colour as well as uploading your own logo and favicon.
You can also add meta title, tags and description to virtually every page and add your Google Analytics ID so you can track statistics.

white label

An important note regarding BongaCash White Labels: In March 2013 Bongacash took the rather drastic action to delete any white labels that had public whois on their domain names. If you choose to take out a Bongacash white label please ensure that you use a WHOIS privacy service or risk getting your site deleted.

What are the Promo Tools like?

Bongacash have a large selection of tools that you can use to promote Bongacams. These include;

  • API – Models Online – Integrate this into your site and show what models are online at BongaCams. You will need to be or know a programmer to get it working..
  • Dynamic Banner – Build your banner from online models BongaCams. A nice feature.
  • GEO Banners – Get the attention your ads deserve with our animated banners available in various sizes and offering geo targeting.
  • Instant Messenger Ads – Our Instant Message ads are great for your website footer ad zone.
  • Text Ads – These top converting text ads are proven to get clicks.
  • Popup Code – When a user clicks a link on your site, BongaCams popup will appear in the background.
  • Embed Cam & Chat Room – Integrate a live chat room directly into your web page.
  • Direct Link – Use direct links to link to BongaCams if you have your own banners or other promos.
  • Category Widget – Use this widget to setup categories list on your site.

I found that overall the tools that were available for use on your own sites were on the whole easy to use and high quality. You could customize the vast majority of them so that they integrated nicely into your site. My only complaint would be that there could have been a greater selection. you can however ask the design department to create you custom banners and popups if you have something in mind that isn’t available.

Tell me about the stats

Of course when you signup for an affiliate program you hope to make some money out of it. The only way to tell if you are making money is be checking your stats. Thankfully, BongaCash have an easy to understand and use stats program.


Stats can be displayed by program or campaign. They can be displayed by day, week, month or year or by period ie; this week, last week, this month, last month etc. Alternatively you can simply select between two dates.

You can also view stats by referring country and your webmaster referrals. To be honest it’s a pretty comprehensive stats package that tells you pretty much everything you could want to know.


Bongacash seems to be a good quality affiliate program for those wishing to promote adult webcams via their cam site BongaCams.

Unfortunately, there is no option for pay per signup here however most affiliates realise that revshare works out better pound for pound in the long term. the Revshare option pays out slightly less than some other affiliate programs however overall it’s about average.

The white labels look nice although I would like to see more unique features. The promo tools all work well and look good although perhaps a greater selection wouldn’t go a miss.

No complaints about the stats package, shows everything I could expect and perhaps some more.


Want a branded White Label Mobile Site?

If you are looking for a competent white label solution for your mobile traffic, AWEmpire might just have the answer.

With the role-out of their brand new LiveJasmin [review] 2.0 white label solution they claim to have seamlessly integrated mobile functionality into the design.

Now I think it’s safe to say that over the past few months AWEmpire have come under fire due to their white labels falling out of favour with Google. It seems that Google determined that all of the LiveJasmin white labels were too similar and imposed a penalty on the affected sites.


With the new and improved LiveJasmin 2.0 AWEmpire certainly seem to have gone to great lengths to improve the situation. If you decide to create a LiveJasmin white label on your own domain. You can get all this:

The new Whitelabel 2.0 is based on the Award Winning layout, and already contains many AWEsome LiveJasmin features. Continuously updated features will ensure maximum member spending and retention.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime Revenue share (database tracked – any spending done on your whitelabel, you will earn a commission from, except members previously referred to official sites via PPS)
  • Search Engine friendly, clean URL structure
  • Custom logo and colors
  • Custom page titles and meta data
  • Extra text fields for unique text content
  • Separate custom text and meta data for each category page
  • Upload custom Favicon
  • All Promo Tools available for the Whitelabel 2.0 sites
  • Surprise (tips to models)
  • Geo Targeted language settings
  • Robots.txt for complete Search Engine Optimization
  • Add unique text to each category + Meta tags by category
  • Custom Menu Tab
  • Coupon codes
  • Custom Model Category (hand pick the models to be included, add custom description)
  • Optional Custom Banners on site
  • Live Support Chat
  • Custom main category names and URLs
  • Custom Background image / texture
  • The 16th language introduced on the Whitelabel sites: Romanian
  • Niche filter to create your own niche Cam site. Details.
  • Live preview
  • The 17th language introduced on the Whitelabel sites: Japanese
  • Customizable Slide Up Bottom bar promo tool Demo.
  • Optional landing page category
  • Custom Models wanted page Demo.
  • Available on subdomains
  • Sneak Peek feature
  • Real-time chat translation
  • Upgraded Surprise function
  • Link building option with up to 5 links
  • Custom Freechat Applet promo tool
  • Default double-sized camera picture on the Whitelabel 2.0 sites
  • Available on second level domains (e.g. *NEW
  • Mobile introduced to the Whitelabel 2.0 platform Details. *NEW

Impressive indeed. Below is a table illustrating the affiliate payout percentage for each converted member based on amount of money spent on site.

Total amount of credits purchased by referred members within period Affiliate payout percentage
Periods are as follows:

  • first period: 1st of month until 15th of month
  • second period: 16th of month until last day of month
0 – 99.99 15%
100 – 499.99 18%
500 – 4,999.99 20%
5,000 – 14,999.99 22%
15,000 – 25%

ImLive Increases Payouts on PPS

You can never have too much of a good thing and that is particularly true when you are talking about earning money as an affiliate. Thankfully, from this month ImLive in partnership with Pussycash are offering increased payouts on PPS (pay per sale) signups when you drive traffic to the cam site.

Pussycash will pay out a staggering;

  • $150 – For 1st – 5th Signup
  • $200 – For 6th – 20th Signup
  • $225 – For 21st – 40th Signup
  • $250 – For 41st signup and above

Unfortunately there will be few webmasters out there that can honestly say they have enough traffic to achieve the mammoth $250 signup however $150 or even $200 should easily be within even the most amateur adult webmasters grasp!

You can read a review of here

You can read a review of ImLive here